Truly bizzarre radiation hazard from Tokyo

TRuLy bIZZarre RADIAtioN haZZARd fROM TokYo

Time to get serious... or maybe not.



Dico Apps Blog

Hello all!

Well, this is kind of awkward, but most introductions are awkward, aren’t they? So anyway, I guess I’ll start by tell you all about what we do and the general purpose of this blog.

First off, there will be several of us posting random factoids and the like about developing mobile apps in Tokyo. For the most part we will be posting in English, but sometimes we may feel inclined to post in Japanese, Italian and Spanish even.

We really want to focus on the joys and woes, trial and errors, surprises, shocks and awes that arise in the app development process, as well as general nonsense and fun about working and living in the fair city of Tokyo.

With this, we hope we can contribute something to the industry, or at the very least some solid entertainment for folks who have an interest in games and apps.

I guess…

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